Battle Creek Mills

Battle Creek Mills

North Central Steel Co. is making use of multiple mills in order to meet needs of larger dairies. Today's mill system for larger dairies is able to pay out. Capability to set up operation with the triple mill only requires the grain to be fed to it. We can expand this by adding a storage facility of 5,----10,000 bushels that feeds the mill with an auger system. We can provide all of this for your installation and expand as need arises.

North Central Steel

Battle Creek Mills

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Savings to you by using a Triple-30 Mill: 6,500 cows, daily using 48-ton; cost of operation for power and parts is $3.00 per ton. 48 tons x $7.00 equals $336.00 daily x 30 days which equals $10,080. Annual savings is $120,960. The Triple-30 Mill pays for itself in less than four months.

Savings in grinding cost and increased milk production will make this a Blue Ribbon Investment!

Let us provide you with the best possible service! We are happy to speak with you regarding any of our farm mills, so please give us a call today at 800-382-0106 or 782-392-2077. You can also get in touch with us through our website.

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