Proven Organic Fertilizer

With our organic fertilizer you increase growth and yield of a number of crops, including corn, soybeans, and milo. Sea minerals from North Central Steel Co., Inc. in Minneapolis, Kansas, are an organic and Organic Materials Review Instituteā„¢ listed fertilizing solution that contain more than 90 minerals and elements of seawater.

Ease of Use

For your convenience, our fertilizer is 99.5% soluble in water. Apply it easily to any crop as a foliar spray saving a valuable amount of time.

Quality Crops

Quality Crops

Build up your profits using our sea minerals to promote growth in alfalfa for a fifth cutting. Our fertilizer raises RFV value in alfalfa to more than 200, producing a crop outcome easier to digest.

Healthier Livestock

Improve the health of your livestock and the quality of their dairy products. Our minerals lower the somatic cell count of dairy cows' milk and promotes conception rate of breeding livestock. You can also offer it to your livestock as a free-choice mineral.